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Dignity/San Diego, a Chapter of DignityUSA, is a Catholic Eucharistic Community providing a safe and supportive faith community for LGBT Catholics and all who seek a healthy connection to our Catholic traditions through weekly liturgy, social, and service activities. We affirm the faith of all those who celebrate with us in a welcoming environment that supports our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Straight community members.
Dignity is a voice of change within the Catholic Church, a beacon of light for all who seek justice & equality, and a place for peaceful reflection without bias.
Questions? Please feel free to join us on Sunday for our weekly celebration of the Mass. You are welcome to participate however you are comfortable. You are always welcome to meet our members and find out more about us by joining us for our community fellowship after Mass.


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chaplain chats

A periodic series of chats from our chaplains
Our Answer To Nashville
by Fr Don Greene
We affirm God's love for all humanity and welcome all in God's house.
Let Us Turn Our Swords Into Plowshares
by Fr Don Greene
Prayer is the answer which the world is desperately searching.
Unimaginable Pain
by Fr Don Greene
Seek to find peace within yourself to hear the voice of God
Holy Week
by Fr Don Greene
Join us for Holy Week celebrations and renew your faith and life in Christ

photo galleries

Photos of Dignity/SD
Mission Hills Methodist Church
New home for Dignity/SD
Advent Mass
Mass for second week of Advent
Christ The King Mass
Mass using 1968 Roman Seraphic Mass
Rev Bertha Anniversary
5th anniversary mass
Photos Of The Chapel
Various photos of Clark Chapel