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Tuesday Retreats || Dignity/SD



Every Tuesday, we will choose to spend time to center ourselves and reflect on God's plan for us. The retreats can be 3-5 minutes long, or as long as you'd like or need. They are designed to give us an opportunity to really think about our place in the world and what God has in store for us. 


Optimally, you should have a special place to write down reflections. While this might not seem easy at first, you will become more adept at jotting down your feelings and reactions to the questions. Be patient with yourself! The world was not built in a day.


We will post a new reflection every Tuesday. Come back as often as you'd like to partake of the mini-retreat. Feel free to change the directions to match your needs if you so choose. Your relationship with God is unique; explore your relationship using these tools.


Click here to partake in this week's retreat.

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