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Weekly Bulletin Blurbs || Dignity/SD
If you missed a blurb in our bulletin, or forgot to grab your copy on Sunday, here is a list of the most recent blurbs from the bulletin.


POTLUCK SUNDAY & COUNCIL MEETING THIS SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18TH ... Sunday, February 18th marks the 3rd Sunday of the month, which means we'll be having our monthly potluck. Please feel free to bring a dish or dessert to share, and all are welcome to join (so invite a friend!). Additionally, your Community Council will be having their meeting ahead of mass at 4:30pm. All members are welcome to join and sit in on the meeting.


GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING THIS TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 20TH ... We will be holding our General Membership meeting on February 20th. It will be at Mission Hills Methodist Church at 6:30pm. This will be an important meeting to attend as we will update the community on the status of our chapter, discuss the plans for taking advantage of the 2021 conference, and make plans for the elections in April. Please mark your calendars and make plans to attend.

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